Pastoral Transition

Dan Summerlin Announces Retirement

January 29, 2023

Dear Lone Oak Family,

This morning in our worship services, I discussed plans for my retirement from full-time pastoral ministry.  My last Sunday as your pastor will be Sunday, May 28.  I have come to this decision after several months of prayer and seeking God’s guidance for the future of my ministry and for the future of the church.  Before I accepted the call to come to Lone Oak, I told the search committee that I never wanted to be an “old pastor,” but I wanted to spend the final quarter of my life teaching, mentoring, and helping younger pastors in ministry.  I intend to do that.  To be clear, no one at Lone Oak has asked me to consider retirement; this comes at the Lord’s direction and my decision.  I have said many times when we know something is God’s will in our lives, we need to act upon it, and I believe with all of my heart this is God’s will.

I know many folks will have questions about the timing of things and how the transition will work.  I have anticipated some of these questions and have attempted to answer as best I can.  Our team has set up a webpage to keep you updated, and you’ll find answers there. 

Eileen and I are so grateful to the Lord and to you for more than twenty years of fruitful ministry here at Lone Oak.  Our church is strong and healthy, and I believe the best days for Lone Oak First Baptist Church lie ahead.  Please join us in praying for God’s will to be done and for Him to be glorified in the weeks to come. 

Serving Him together,

Dr. Dan Summerlin

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