The opportunities for Lone Oak FBC Family Members to become involved and serve in events as well as day to day activities are numerous. This page list but a few of the more notable needs. God gives each of us different talents; if your talents fit these needs, contact the responsible coordinator.


Our 3 primary goals are to: Welcome, Walk, & Worship


The first and foremost task of a greeter is to welcome members and guests to our church. Once in the door, you are the first person that everyone sees. It’s our desire make sure everyone knows right away that they are welcome and wanted at Lone Oak! There is so much comfort in seeing a friendly smile, hearing a genuine “we’re so glad you’re here!”, and getting an earnest offer of help navigating if needed.


Our campus can be overwhelming to guests. Take the opportunity to walk them where they need to go. It’s much more personal than pointing or giving directions, and also gives you the chance to tell them about different ministries and upcoming events. This simple act will help them form a personal connection with our church.


Serving God is an act of worship, but that’s not the only reason we included worship in our service areas! We want you to invite people to worship alongside you. Attending church is about more than hearing a sermon or singing praise songs. God instituted the church for us to build relationships with other believers. We can help that happen by inviting others to worship alongside us!Ask guests if they know anyone at our church. If they don’t, invite them to sit with you and your family during worship. Introduce them to others from your Life Group class, or even bring them along with you. Help them begin to build relationships at Lone Oak FBC, starting with you!

Where We Serve

We have a campus map and a plan to place people where they need to be… If there is a place you are already familiar with or would prefer to serve, please let us know. Or, our team leader will assign you to the spot on campus where there is the greatest need. We hope to place greeters in set “assignments” to help build familiarity with those who are passing by you regularly.

Ushers may not be the first person one encounters when arriving on campus, but they play a crucial role in helping guests feel welcome and comfortable, and are often the last impression one has before the service begins. Our ushers contribute greatly to the environment within our worship services, and have an important task in welcoming and seating guests, facilitating an appropriate atmosphere for worship, and in receiving the tithes and offerings.
Ushering is a ministry that is laid out in both the Old and New Testament, and their tasks and responsibilities embody what it means to practice hospitality. If you are looking for a ministry role that allows you to serve the Lord while also attending and participating in the service each week, being an Usher might be a great fit for you!
Where We Serve
Ushers are placed within each section of both the Worship Center and the Chapel. We have a map of campus that outlines where we position our ushers, but there is so much value in having you serve somewhere where you’ll familiar with the surroundings and the people, and somewhere you’d like to be. Let us know where you think would be a good fit! We will always do our best to place you where the Lord is calling you.
When We Serve
Ushers need to be in place near the entry points for their section before the service starts, and will serve during the worship service they typically attend.

Our Vision

Impacting the world for Jesus Christ by responding with the love of Christ wherever and whenever disaster strikes.

The Ministry

We serve mankind by providing and coordinating loving assistance to people in need as a result of hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, man-made calamities and other such circumstances. Our desire is to be the obedient servants in response to God’s direction to educate, encourage, and engage our people to respond to disasters wherever in the world in the spirit of God’s grace and mercy.


Servant work with our team does not require past experience or expertise in equipment. Our volunteers are from all age groups. Everyone can serve. Here are some opportunities to join God in His ministry to those who have experienced disasters:

  • Sharing God’s word with people in the communities where we serve
  • Showing practically the Love of God to people in the midst of disaster
  • Clearing debris from homeowner’s yards
  • Clearing fallen trees
  • Cleaning flooded homes

To register as a volunteer and to be notified when serving and training opportunities arise please contact Dr. Jeff Wallace.

Lone Oak First Baptist Church is serious about security.

From 24hr recording surveillance cameras throughout the buildings to parking lot patrols during services, Lone Oak FBC is very mindful of the culture in which we live as well as the need to provide for safety during emergency situations.

The security presence during every service includes uniformed and plain clothes security personnel assisting the men of our church, many of which are professional first responders, inside the building and on the parking lots. Their obvious presence serves to deter vandalism on the church parking lot during worship, provide assistance to individuals as needed and maintain safety in the event of weather or fire alert. All security personnel are in contact via radio or phone and provide guidance and directions for ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Security patrols are also maintain during the week, especially when Weekday Preschool is in session.

We are blessed that many of our security personnel are volunteer members of Lone Oak FBC who are employed or retired first responders and police trained and skilled in their professions. Beyond these, we are always in need of men and women to assist on visibility patrol, medical standby, communications or just being eyes and ears. If you have the necessary skills and would like to assist our security personnel, please contact Hank Garner.

Contact Us

Office: 270-554-1441 | 3601 Lone Oak Road, Paducah, KY 42003