Disaster Relief

Volunteer at the Restoration Center

The Restoration is winding down operations and will close March 31. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help if I’m an untrained disaster relief volunteer?

The following organizations and ministries are receiving volunteers to help with tornado relief. Please contact them directly concerning their need and your availability:

Hillvue Heights, 502-517-2944
Living Hope, 270-646-0698
Eastwood Baptist , 940-224-6544
Rich Pond Baptist, 270-779-0426
HR Ministries, 270-963-3561
Zion’s Cause, 270-527-9696
Enon Baptist, “The Way,” 270-970-0668

I have items I want to donate. What should I do?

The best way to support homeowners currently is by purchasing Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart gift cards. This will allow them to buy the supplies they need to begin their rebuild. You can send the gift cards directly to churches in affected areas or send them to Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief, 13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive Louisville, KY 40223.

How can I give to help these efforts?

The best way to support our Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers is by making financial donations. This will allow for us to purchase specific needs we come across during a deployment. This could be food, replacement parts for chainsaws, etc.

How can I be trained in Disaster Relief to help with crisis like these?

Thank you for your interest in serving with Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief. We’re so excited to team up with you to bring help, hope and healing to those across our state and nation. To learn more about our ministry and upcoming training opportunities please visit kybaptist.org/dr.

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